David Hoyts Word Winder Family Game Board Game 2-6 Players

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Get Ready to be Addicted !
Great for parties, play individually or in teams.
Suit 8+ years old.
Play time approx 20 minutes
WORDWINDER's the game of winding words. Lay down your chips to form winding lines of winding words.
Out raceyour opponents and block their lines. Strategy & Cunning! Offense, Defense, Temporary Alliances and Countless Game Board Combinations!

The Setup:
the 16 tiles are dual sided so making 4x4 or 2x8 has a lot of possibilities.
2-3players got a supply of chips to cover the letters and 4-6 players share.

Take turns laying out chips to cover the letters of words while trying to make a continuous line of letters across the board.
The2 versions of the game are side winder where you try to go across the board either from top to bottom or down from top to bottom or Race where the tiles are arranged 2x8 and you go the long way from top to bottom.

oddly enough there is a lot. Blocking your opponent or just try running away with a win.

16 Word winder double sided game boards
3 sets of Word winder markers
3 Word winder markers containers