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This electroplated matte black finished toilet paper holder will add a touch of extravagance and style to any bathroom. This DELLA FRANCESCA toilet paper holder is the ideal option to any individual who is doing a bit of redesigning or a contractual worker who is hoping to add a touch of class to any bathroom.

This modern toilet paper holder comes with a simple hooked design. This hooked design will guarantee that your bathroom tissue stays on the holder without the utilization of the more conventional spring component. This holder has a both a polished and modern day design that will continue to delight you for years to come.

Della Francesca makes this bathroom tissue holder, so you know it has a durable construction, along with a sleek profile.

This holder's overall dimensions are 148 x 117.5mm. The length from the base plate is 53mm, and the length from the base plate to the unit is 68mm.

This Electroplated Matte Black Finish Toilet Paper Holder will add unprecedented sophistication to your bathroom at a fair price. Order yours today!

Special Features

  • Durable Electroplated Matte Black Finish
  • Modern Design


  • Length From the Base Plate to the Unit: 68mm  
  • Length From the Base Plate: 53mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 148 x 117.5mm
  • Box size: 13 x 9 x 16

Package Content:

1 x Classic Toilet Paper Holder Electroplated Matte Black Finish