8 Piece Electric Electronic Drum Kit Drums Set Pad Tom Midi For Kids Adults

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Now you can practise drums at home with our 8-piece Electric Drum Kit, without being that annoying, noisy neighbour. The kit comes with everything you would expect in a real drum kit: one snare, three toms, three cymbals, one bass drum, hi-hat control pedal and kick trigger pedal, which are specifically designed to capture the subtle nuances of your playing. A pair of drum sticks are included so that you can start rocking on as soon as you open the box.

The drum kit comes with exceptional built-in features: 30 pre-set drum kits, 30 demo tracks and 487 voices. There is even a built-in metronome. The electric drum kit is sturdy with a reinforced metal frame and made to feel like a real drum with premium silicone surface. The drumming experience and sound is completely realistic as well, as the cymbals can be pinched to mute, pad and rim sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your preference and all snare and cymbals are dual trigger with different sounds produced depending on where you hit them. Best of all, there are a host of input and output jacks so that you can enjoy music in your own way, including in complete silence using a pair of headphones(which are not included in package).

Reinforced stand
Silicone surface
Dual trigger for snare and all cymbals
LED display
487 voices
30 demo tracks
30 pre-set drum kits
Build-in metronome
Adjustable pad and rim sensitivity
AUX in
Bonus drum sticks

Power supply: AC adaptor: 12 V
Overall dimensions:Please check gallery pictures
Main body colour: Black
Display: LED display
Inputs: Aux, Adaptor, Tom, Crash, Kick, Hi-hat
Output: Headphones, Stereo line
Controls: Volume, Tempo, Click, Trigger, Demo, Voice, Sensitivity, Tune

Package Content
1 x 8-pc Electric Drum Kit
1 Pair x Drum Sticks